The purpose of this section is to make information available for developers of the MediaPortal project and MediaPortal plugins. If you want to contribute code, see this page: Submit Patches


The following resources will assist you in learning about developing for MediaPortal.

Coding Guides

Roadmaps and Development Progress

GitHub (Git)

MediaPortal 1 source code is located at GitHub (https://github.com/).


If you would like to learn more about how MediaPortal  works, see the following:


Compiling and Debugging

Plugin Developer and Skin Designer Guides (How To)

Please ensure you fully understand the above mentioned topics before developing your own Plugin/Skin. Following the above Standards will make it easier for others to understand what you are trying to do within your code if support is required.



  1. TV Card Algorithm
  2. Sources
  3. Remote control documentation
  4. Tv Library documentation
  5. Writing TV-Server plugins
  6. Using TV-Server events in your plugin


  1. Example 1: Connect to the tv server and list the status of all cards
  2. Example 2: Timeshifting


  1. Creating Dumps of RAW Transport Stream
  2. Memory Dumps

3rd Party Plugins Compatibility

Changes between MediaPortal releases which require update of all plugins

DeployTool and NSIS