Who needs to read this page?

Github and MediaPortal 1 are open to read for everybody. 

If you just want to get a readonly copy of the MediaPortal 1 repository, you do not need to read this page.

If you are a team member who wants to change code and push it to our Github repository, you need to have read/write access to the repository. On the MediaPortal 1 site at Github, Github provides different Git URLs which can be used in different situations. To have read/write access, you need to connect your local Git repository with a read/write URL, typically the SSH URL shown at the Source page of the MediaPortal 1 site on Github. To setup your system and to become able to push changes to Github, you can read the following guide to set-up your system. It depends a bit from your configuration which steps are exactly needed. For example, I use GitExtensions and TortoiseGit both together with msysgit. Others might use another configuration.

Needed Software

First of all you need to download the following programs:

During this installation you have to set some important settings. Please be sure that you set them correctly.

Installing msysGit

Installing TortoiseGit

Create a SSH-Key

Config TortoiseGit

Download The MediaPortal-1 repo