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Browse, download, install, update and uninstall extensions for MediaPortal.

MediaPortal Extensions Manager (MPEM)

MediaPortal provides a standard installer for all Extensions: Plugins and Skins. As of v 1.3.0 it has been renamed the *MediaPortal Extensions Manage*r (MPEM) since it does much more than just install extensions.

Start MediaPortal Extension Manager via the desktop shortcut or Start Menu > Programs > Team MediaPortal > MediaPortal


  Tip Update/Refresh the list of Extensions from the File Menu if you have not set MPEM to automatically update the list.  

MPEM provides two main views:

  1. Installed Extensions - a list of the extensions you have installed for your current MediaPortal installation
  2. Known Extensions - a list of all extensions, excluding those you have installed, known to support MPEM  from an online repository

After you start MPEM you will first see an overview of Installed extensions (if you have installed any using MPEInstaller).


This quick list shows the name and author(s) of an extensions and the currently installed version. When an extension can be updated, the orange update icon appears. Selecting an extension in the list will open a larger view giving you access to

Menu Options

Functions are now accessible via an easy to use Menu Bar.

File Menu

The file menu provides access to a few important actions:

View Menu

The View menu allows you to select if you wish to view:

Options Menu

Select Settings to choose when to automatically download (and install) extensions


Bottom/Status Bar

The bottom of the window displays important information:

Browse and Install extensions

Once you have Updated Info on all the currently available extensions, you can: 


The red exclamation icon shows that this extension is incompatible with your currently installed MediaPortal version. You can click on it to see more details about the incompatibilities and inform or ask the author to provide an update.

Create an Installer

To create an MPEI installer, see: MPEMaker