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Note: This plugin only works for Windows XP SP3 systems.

Usage Guide

  1. Locate the program "blaster.exe" in the following directory:
  2. Run the program.
  3. Select which button you would like to teach in the pane on the left side of the window.
  4. Press the "Learn" button.
  5. Holding your remote <1cm from your IR receiver, press the corresponding button on your remote within 10 seconds of pressing the "Learn" button.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for all of the numeric keys on your remote and the "Select" button.
  7. This will learn your remote and generate a file called "serverblaster.dat"
  8. Copy "serverblaster.dat" to the following directory:
  9. Start TV Server Configuration.
  10. Select "Plugins".
  11. Enable the ServerBlaster plugin.
  12. Select the ServerBlaster configuration.
  13. Select which IR blaster you have from the drop-down menu (defaults to Microsoft MCE IR blasters built into the Microsoft MCE IR receiver).
  14. Select which card(s) you need blasting for (i.e. which card is the set top box you are controlling plugged into).
  15. Select which port to blast from.
  16. If you need the "Select" command sent after the channel number, select the appropriate check box.
  17. Close TV Server configuration.
  18. Enjoy blasting.

Known Problems / Troubleshooting

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