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The ComSkip launcher plugin allows the recorded TV Program to be analyzed for commercials so they can then be skipped during playback.


Requires[ Comskip|] to be downloaded and installed.

Comskip launcher TV-Server plugin is already included when you install TV-Server (i.e. select Use TV during MediaPortal Installation).

Alternatively you can install the Comskip Monitored plugin from here. This can limit the number of instances of comskip running at one time, to avoid overloading your system .

Note: If you want to process H264 recordings you need the $10 donate version of comskip, donation can be made here.

Enable the Plugin

Placing a check mark against ComSkipLauncher will Enable the plugin. Removing the checkmark will disable it.

Configure the Plugin

The following is an explanation of the plugin specific configuration menu.

When to launch

(Default: Recording start) -Sets whether Comskip should run while recording to be done by the time your recording is finished or to run after it has finished. If Recording Finished, this will save on processing power and disk writes while recording and recommended for slower or process loaded machines.

What to launch

Program (Default: C:\Program Files\Comskip\Comskip.exe)

Parameters (Default: "{0}")


Usage Guide

When Comskip has finished (possibly before finished, needs checking) processing your recording and you play back the recording the next chapter and previous chapter buttons will skip to the next commercial/program boundary, just press next chapter every time a commercial break starts (next/previous chapter: F7 and F8)