MediaPortal provides the ability to map EPG program genres to one of seven available MediaPortal genre names. The purpose of genre mapping is to limit the number of genres that users see in the TV guide so that programs may be colored by genre. For example the EPG provider's genres Action sports, Aerobics and Archery can all be mapped to the MediaPortal genre name Sports, then the Sports genre may be assigned a color for easy identification of sports programs in the TV guide.

As of 1.3.0 beta you may also control these settings via the new TV settings within MediaPortal. 

Configure Genre Names

Genre names can only be configured with TV-Server configuration tool:

To change the name of a genre, first select it, then click on it (don't double-click).  Then you can edit it.  Press "Enter" or "Return" when done.

The question mark by "Child" in the screenshot above indicates that the program genre is no longer in the EPG provider's list of genres.

See Contribute > Skins > Skin Architecture > TV Guide for more information.

Configure Genre Colors

Genre colors can only be configured with the MediaPortal configuration tool. See MediaPortal Configuration > GUI > Skin Settings > TV guide.