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The in-built PowerScheduler takes care of all power operations for your MediaPortal computer, e.g. wakes up the system when a recording is due and puts it in a power-saving state (S3 or S4) after the recording is finished.


Note: As of v 1.5.0, the PowerScheduler++ extension replaces the previous PowerScheduler plugin and is installed with MediaPortal.

PowerScheduler is a process plugin, which means it does not have an interface within MediaPortal, but works as a process behind the scenes. 

PowerScheduler consists of two different plugins:

PowerScheduler can be used in all MediaPortal configurations

Combinations of the above are supported, e.g. a single-seat system with remote clients

If you have a local TV-Server installed on your system (single-seat), the main configuration is done in the Server plugin and the Client plugin uses most of those settings, so it requires little configuration. 

If you have no TV-Server installed on your system (standalone client) you have to configure all settings in the client configuration.


PowerScheduler wakes up your system for various configurable events

PowerScheduler prevents your system from going to a power-saving state (standby) while

When the system is idle, i.e. all these activities have finished, PowerScheduler can send your HTPC to standby.