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A step by step guide to installing MediaPortal using the Installer (Deploy Tool)


The primary function of MP is to provide a whole-house media solution, which includes sharing TV Tuner(s) resources to multiple systems (clients) on a home network. Thus, the software is split into two parts:

Note: If your TV Card provides Radio Channels you must install TV to listen to them. Just like TV, they can be streamed to any client PC on your network. 

Warning: Always run the installer from your local hard disk, not from a network share. The Installer is a .net application which can not be started if is located on a network share. 

Install Options

The design of MP is flexible. You can install and configure it to suit your hardware configuration. 

Thus, through a series of questions and answers, the Installer supports a variety of different installations based on your configuration:

Without TV

You can use MediaPortal as a media center without Live TV:

Use MediaPortal to Watch TV?

With TV

Use MediaPortal to Watch TV?

Server, Client or both

The beauty of the Client/Server Installation is that with a single server, you can connect any number of clients to the network which will all share the resources of the server. You can even run the server as a Single-Seat Installation and use it as another client (thus reducing your cost and energy consumption).