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Popular plugins you probably want/need..


Now you have your main setup working you are ready to really unleash the power of MediaPortal by customizing it to suit your needs.

As open source software, MediaPortal is very easy to extend. As a result, many skilled developers offer a huge variety of plugins to extend the capabilities of MediaPortal and allow you to customize almost anything you can think of. 

You have already learned how to find, install and configure extensions on the previous Plugins page, and have installed several essential extensions such as MP-TV Series and Online Videos in the Videos Setup Guides.

Which plugins should you use next? A lot depends on how you use MediaPortal. The following list of popular plugins will give you some ideas how you can customize MediaPortal using:

Popular Plugins


These plugins add features throughout MediaPortal, are usually installed by most users and supported by most skins.


These plugins allow you to customize the graphic user interlace (GUI):

In addition, many skins provide Menu editors to customize the Basic Home screen with the items or features you use, as well as different themes. layout options and in some cases even font sizes. See Skins for more info.



TV, Recordings

Videos, Movies

Music, Radio

News, Weather, Sports, Info



Web/Mobile Access