MP can now handle the default audio switch when used with LAV Splitter (should be the default in MP) 

MP can now use the setting set from LAV Splitter for Audio and Subtitle.

Description of Change

MP get new options (only when using LAV Splitter in Video codec section) :

With this option, when the Audio track is tagged as Default track, MP will select it whatever the the language preference in setting.

When using this option, MP will not set/use the language preference in setting but will let LAV Splitter set it to us by using the setting from the splitter.

You can get information about how to set the splitter setting here : https://1f0.de/lav-splitter/lav-splitter-stream-selection/

With explanation from above link, you can use an advanced subtitle mode etc.



User need to use LAV Splitter to make those options working : 

You need to have Source or splitter set to LAV Splitter.



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Feature, Rework

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Sun, 31 Jan 2016