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Version 1.5.0 Test Build 67

  • fixed MPControlPlugin: reset system's idle time on receive of remote input (prevent monitor/system standby while using remote) (chefkoch)
  • applied patch IRSS don't Kill Imon Manager + DeviceID added (thx azzuro)
  • fixed Translator: not starting, if 'ProgramData\IR Server Suite\IR Commands'-dir does not exists (chefkoch)
  • fixed Translator: not starting, if 'ProgramData\IR Server Suite\Translator\Macros'-dir does not exists (chefkoch)
  • fixed IrssUtils: some NullReferenceExceptions when getting an application.exe icon (chefkoch)
  • fixed Translator: OSD Launch menu was not loaded completely, if an app path does not exists -> not existent apps are hidden in osd (chefkoch)
  • fixed Translator: 'copy mappings from'-menu was not loaded completely, if an app path does not exists -> copy mappings from not existent apps is possible (chefkoch)
  • fixed Translator: tray menu > launch was not loaded completely, if an app path does not exists -> not existent apps are displayed, but disabled (chefkoch)

Version 1.5.0 Test Build 62

  • IRSS source code is now available at github
  • switched to .NET 4, MP1 plugins stayed at .NET3.5 for compatibility reasons (chefkoch)
  • added new receiver plugin: Philips MCE USB IR Receiver- Spinel plus' (belcom)
  • reworked DirectInput plugin: switched from Microsoft's old managed DirectInput wrapper to SlimDX (chefkoch)

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 4290

  • Added support for Antec Veris Multimedia Station Basic
  • Added support for latest "iMon ultrabay kit"
  • Fixed log exception during startup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 4189

  • Updated solution to VS2010
  • Added compatibility checks for MP >= 1.2.0 Beta
  • Merged MPUtils.dll, IrssComms.dll and IrssUtils.dll into each MediaPortal plugin, removed them from installer
  • Skin folder renamed to Default(Wide)

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 4068

  • Changed plugins directory from "IR Server Plugins" to "Plugins"
  • Updated framework to 3.5
  • Backup (old) file extensions changed from *.bak to *.old.log
  • Removed WiimoteLib source and added WiimoteLib binary as reference (updated to ver 1.7.0)
  • Fixed Serial Hex Implementation
  • Major rework and project cleanup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3664

  • Fixed buffer size for 3 plugins: IR501, IR507 and MacMini
  • Fixed detection logs for some plugins
  • Fixed detection of application/service mode, again
  • Minor project cleanup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3650

  • Added "Tata Sky" set top box codes. [thx Dadeo]
  • Added hardwareMonitor which listens to usb device connects or disconnects
  • Fixed detection of application/service mode
  • Minor code cleanup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3598

  • Solution and projects reference cleanup
    • Now .proj files are used instead of .dll
    • Removed AnyCPU
    • Removed unused configuration platforms
  • Modified Skip/Replay behaviour: it's always NextChapter/PreviousChapter if fullscreen -> allows to use them in tv for comskip

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3496

  • Fixed "MyVideos" mapping
  • Fixed bug in IrssComms (Socket.Receive) [thx Clinton]
  • Fixed translator not always in focus [thx cpp2005]

Versio?n 1.4.2 Test Build 3344

  • Enable FireDTV remote for x64 systems.
    • WARNING: you need to copy x86 version of FireSatAPI.dll by hand in plugins dir to make it working !!!
  • Added detect function for Hauppauge remotes
  • Fixed ch+/ch- mapping [thx to Arion]
  • Secured ReceiveThread() for iMON DOS devices
  • Improved connection handling on startup to have a better user-experience when connection can not established at the beginning

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3290

  • Fixed IRServer Tray when IRSS was not installed to default installation directory
  • Added warnings if IRSS build requires a minimum MediaPortal or TVServer version

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3281

  • Added sending of multimedia keys (play/pause, stop, next/previous track, volume up/down, mute)
  • Added basic support for FW 44xxxx iMON devices
  • Fixed Keyboard plugin after code resharping [thx vineyard]
  • Fixed Translator 'Load Variables' command [thx Clinton]

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3197

  • Added icon to MP plugins
  • Removed tray launcher: please switch to "Translator" from now on
  • Reworked Translator layout
  • TVE Blaster plugin update to latest TVE code base. WARNING : Don't use this IRSS build with old TV-Server
  • Minor installer and logging fixes

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3158

  • New tool in systray to check the status of the server
  • MacMini plugin should work (tested with XP under bootcamp 2.1)
  • Added "Pioneer BA-V2000C" set top boxes codes
  • Prevent IRSSConfig running multiple times

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3136

  • TVEngine plugin: fixed path for macro filenames
  • iMON USB plugin: Improved iMON Front Panel support, added some buttons, code corrections
  • iMON USB plugin: Introduced a "retry loop" if command send to iMON fails.
  • iMON USB plugin: Sometimes devicePath gets reported wrong and will be corrected internally
  • Prevent IRSSConfig running multiple times

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3129

  • Some enanchements for iMON fw 0x380102

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3127

  • Power mode changes get recognized in app mode of IR Server.
  • New iMON device "Vid_15c2&Pid_0035" introduced ( BASIC support to be able to test it )

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3120

  • Custom HID plugin is available only in service mode
  • Fixed TV3 plugin
  • Fixed uninstall from control pannel
  • Minor logging improvements
  • Minor cleanup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3109

  • Code cleanup for: Fusion,IR501,IR507,MacMini,RC102,XBCDRC plugins
  • Moved from old "StringComparison.InvariantCulture" to "StringComparison.Ordinal" ( IR501,IR507 and RC102)
  • MacMini: updated device path
  • IR501: added structure sizing for x64

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3099

  • UAC support when installed as a service
  • Enabled 4 new plugins: IR501 Receiver, Keyboard Input, RC102 Receiver and Speech Receiver
  • Minor help and graphics improvements
  • Minor cleanup

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3086

  • Fixed blaster functions for MCE transceiver users ( 2nd try from Clinton )
  • Removed unavailable plugins from plugin configuration grid

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3081

  • Reworked uninstall.
  • Fixed blaster functions for MCE transceiver users ( thx Clinton!)
  • Disabled DigitalEverywhere plugin support for x64 systems

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3064

  • Reposted. Compiled in debug mode and with correct SVN revision.

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3063

  • Fixed MCE transceiver support for both x86 and x64 systems ( thx so much to AIstudio for providing the hardware! )

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3060

  • Fixed "IRSSUtils.dll not found" bug introduced with build 3049
  • Completed the rework of directories structure
  • Added support for FireDTV remotes
  • Reworked help system

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3049

  • Rework of directories structure to avoid duplicate dlls
  • Added X10 abstract maps

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3026

  • Rework of MCE transceiver struct to fit both x86 and x64 systems
  • Fixed SetupTv error after removing IRSS

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3018

  • iMON USB plugin: altered firmware detection mechanism for device initialization.
  • Installer: modified installer to insert correct "auto run at startup".

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3015

  • Input Service/IRServer: combined "input service" and "IRServer" to new "IR Server" which is startable as service or application.
  • Input Service Configuration: modified "Input Service Configuration" to support new IR Server and renamed to "IR Server Configuration".
  • IR Server Configuration: will be set to autostart by installer and shows a status icon in notification area.
  • IR Server: logs go to "IR Server.log".
  • Direct Input Receiver plugin: removed wrong references to DirectX.dll.

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 3009

  • iMON USB plugin: making old DOS device working again.
  • iMON USB abstract mapping: all buttons work now, some mappings changed.
  • Removed documentation from installation, it's located in wiki now
  • Forced x86 platform compile (instead of Any CPU)

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2975

  • Translator:Fixed shutdown/hibernate/standby functions (thx chemelli)

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2972

  • iMON USB plugin:the doubleclick issue when pressing some buttons with HID hardware is fixed (_enableKeyboardInput wasn't checked)

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2963

  • ImonUSB plugin: iMON pad mode (mouse/keyboard) is switchable through configuration and remotes switch button (if enabled in configuration).
  • ImonUSB plugin: Remote mode MCE working for DOS and HID devices (xBox 360 remote was tested and working in MCE mode (at least with DOS) but support from abstract layer is partial
  • ImonUSB plugin: Apply mode changes when configuration dialog is closed (before a restart of IR Server or Input Service was required sometimes).
  • ImonUSB plugin: Modifications/rearranges to configuration dialog in order to support new features.

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2961

  • ImonUSB Plugin: Added the possibility to adjust sensitivity for the directional keys when in keyboard mode (thx belcom)
    • Note: The new slider for adjusting the sensitivity can be found under ImonUSB plugin in the "Mouse" tab

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2958

  • ImonUSB Plugin: Directional PAD is now working in keyboard mode (thx belcom)
  • ImonUSB Plugin: Sensitivity issue with the directional pad is now fixed for both Imon HID and DOS devices (thx belcom)
  • ImonUSB Plugin: Now the Imon Pad remote should work right out of the box

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2943

  • MP Control Plugin: used new condition for RemoteYellowButton when MySleepTimer is activated -> MySleepTimer is working out of the box with IRSS now
  • MP Control Plugin: new codition "Is plugin activated" for mapping available
  • TVE2 Blaster plugin: removed to be compatible with MP 1.1.0
  • General: Abstract Remote Model is enabled by default
  • iMON USB plugin: fixed iMON PAD support for HID firmwares
  • Installer: refactored and improved

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2627

  • chemelli recompiled against latest TVServer for tv3blaster plugin to work with MP SVN [U]later [/U]than If TV3Blaster plugin is active, you will need to manually stop TVService before installing.

Version 1.4.2 Test Build 2391

  • Added Pinnacle Serial Receiver plugin to solution
  • Added Strong 8700 STB preset
  • Improved Lirc support
  • Updated iMon PAD abstract remote map ( all needed files for iMON users are now included in the package)

Version 1.4.2 RC1

  • Input Service: Fixed some small plugin loading issues.
  • Imon input plugin: Improved Imon plugin, now supports MCE and Imon PAD remote hardware.
  • Tray Launcher: Now uses the Common program launching code (includes new focus forcing code).
  • Translator: Fixed a bug with the tray icon not re-appearing correctly after being hidden.
  • Installer: Fixed an x64 bug.
  • Translator: Fixed an x64 bug.
  • Input Service: Now enables "Interact with desktop" setting for service, this should get MCE Replacement Driver users the ability to use the Remote Keyboard properly.

Version 1.4.2 Preview 7

  • Installer: Added a required file for Technotrend remote.
  • Abstract Remote Model: Corrected a bug in the Abstract Remote Map for MP Control Plugin.
  • Run Command: Fixed a Force Focus bug.
  • Misc: Updated SourceGrid component to version 4.11
  • New Input Plugin: Added experimental Imon support (thanks to Cybrmage for helping).
  • Version Numbering: Changed version numbering scheme to use last digit as SVN version number. With zero for release builds. Now Version becomes 1.4.2

Version 1.4.2 Preview 6

  • Translator: Added process priority adjustment (under the new Advanced configuration menu item).
  • WinLirc Plugin: Changed suspend/resume behaviour to fix a bug with repeated buttons after resume from standby.
  • MCE Remote Receiver: Fixed an SMK brand receiver issue that was preventing some from receiving remote buttons.
  • Translator: Fixed broken misc command types on the button mapping form.
  • Translator: Added option to hide the tray icon in Advanced configuration. To reveal the icon just run the Translator application again.
  • Input Service Configuration: Added Start and Stop buttons to the toolbar.
  • Girder Plugin: Fixed a few bugs.
  • Installer: More installer improvements thanks to Chef_Koch.

Version 1.4.2 Preview 5

  • Installer: Fixed a registry setting so that Input Service should autoconfigure correctly from now on.
  • Direct Input Plugin: Fixed a detection and configuration bug.
  • Translator: Fixed a critical bug.

Version 1.4.2 Preview 4

  • New Input Plugin: Direct Input. This allows the user to map game controllers (gamepads, joysticks, etc...) as remotes. First version is basic, next version will allow button combos and controlling the mouse with analog sticks.
  • General: Implemented first draft of Abstract Remote Model. This will be expanded on in Version to provide a superior automatic configuration method for all Applications and Plugins.
  • MCE Transceiver: No longer sends those remote buttons that are being automatically handled, if automatic handling is disabled it will send the full set. This will prevent double presses from occurring. Note that this only effects the buttons that are automatically handled, the other buttons will continue to be sent regardless.
  • New Input Plugin: Added Experimental Mac Mini receiver support. (Feedback please)
  • New Input Plugin: Added Experimental Leadtek CoolCommand receiver support. (Feedback please)
  • New Input Plugin: Added Technotrend Receiver support. Thanks to AlexPlas, KayDiefenthal, and kvaes.
  • WM Message Plugin: Will always show up as being detected, so by default users can simulate button presses with Windows Messages.
  • Dbox Tuner: Added a Command Line Dbox Tuner application to the installer. (Feedback please)
  • Hcw Pvr Tuner: Added a Command Line HCW PVR Tuner application to the installer. (Feedback please)
  • Girder Plugin: Fixed the girder plugin to work as an IR receiver. Still haven't completed the blaster/command functions yet. This means you can use girder plugins to add support for devices I haven't natively supported yet!

Version 1.4.2 Preview

  • MP Control plugin: Fixed Macro command for Multi-Mapping.
  • MCE Transceiver: Fixed XP and Replacement driver blasting bug that has existed since October.
  • AdsTech 335 Receiver: Attempted to fix a bug that caused Input Service to crash roughly every 5 minutes.
  • Installer: New IR Server Suite installer. It looks more professional and you can now change the MediaPortal plugin install paths.
  • General: Fixed the "pause" macro command.
  • MCE Transceiver: Fixed another XP and Vista suspend/resume bug. When will it all end?
  • Input plugins: Modified some method signatures.
  • TV3 Blaster Plugin: Fixed a fatal error.
  • General: Anywhere that previously took user input for a command and could include escape codes can now also include Environment Variables (including clipboard contents, date, time, and others). See documentation for more info.
  • IR Blast: Now defaults to "localhost" if no host is specified on the command line (this will make it simpler to use on most setups).
  • IR Blast: Now has a default delay between blasts of 50 milliseconds, this can be customized by the command line parameter "-delay x", where x is a delay in milliseconds (0 for no delay).
  • MP Control plugin: Multi-Mapping command can now jump to a specific mapping set (or "Toggle").
  • MediaPortal plugins: New macro commands (Send MP Action and Send MP Message).
  • Translator: Can create a shortcut on the users desktop to launch a macro.
  • Documentation: New documentation areas (Troubleshooting FAQ) and improvements.
  • MCE Remote Receiver: Can now set remote and keyboard repeat rates to mimic system keyboard repeat rate settings.
  • New Input Plugin: Added support for HCW (Hauppauge) Receiver - Experimental.
  • Translator: Added a "remap" button for changing the button associated with a command.
  • IR Server Plugin: Added support for RC102 and compatible receivers - Experimental.
  • TCP Comms: Automatically maps "localhost" to loopback address, avoiding the lookup process. This might solve a host name lookup problem for some users.
  • USB-UIRT: Fixed a bug that caused the receive callback to get garbage collected, crashing the Input Service.
  • FusionREMOTE: Can now tell the difference between different DViCo remotes (You will need to re-teach the button keycodes).
  • General: Receiving device name is now sent along with remote button codes, this is in preparation for a major overhaul of the remote mapping system to facilitate automatic configuration for controlling your whole PC! This feature will not be completed until or but it will be very big if it comes together as planned.
  • New Prorgam: Added Keyboard Input Relay, to enable mapping special (App Command) keyboard buttons (like Forward, Back, Play, Stop, Volume, etc...) as well as basic key combinations as if they are remote button presses.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Made MCE Remote XP/Replacement driver support more forgiving of malformed/unusual data from device.
  • Raised thread priorities from Below Normal to Normal (Hopefully to improve responsiveness, if there are any ill side effects I'll revert this change) and made all threads "Background" (to prevent them from living on after the thread spawner has closed).
  • Made error logging more uniform (makes code comparisons between similar libraries easier too, this should make it less likely that a change in, for example, TV2 Blaster plugin would not get made in TV3 Blaster plugin).
  • Moved Input Server Plugins from "\IR Server Suite\IR Server" to "\IR Server Suite\Input Service" to bring them in-line with the move from IR Server to Input Service. Existing users will need to move their configuration files (*.xml) across or reconfigure their transceiver.
  • Changed timestamps in log files to same format as MediaPortal's in preperation for new log file analysing tool I'm writing.
  • Added support for the Ads Tech PTV-335's IR Receiver. You must copy the ADS_335_RCPLIB.dll from (usually) "\Program Files\Ulead Systems\Ulead InstaMedia 2.1" to the IR Server Plugins folder in your IR Server Suite install location.
  • Fixed Vista MCE Suspend/Resume handling.


  • Replaced "IR Server" application with "Input Service"


  • Fixed a bug in the macro and IR command renaming.
  • Modified IR learn method for MCE device. This should improve blasting for some people.
  • Fixed repeating IR decoding in JVC, RC5, RC6 and NEC protocols on MCE device.
  • Fixed Sony SIRC IR decoding on MCE device, now works for 8, 12, 15 and 20 bit protocol variations (instead of just 15-bit).
  • Added Daewoo, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Nokia NRC17, Panasonic, and Toshiba protocol decoding on MCE device.
  • Made IR and Macro file renaming more intelligent.
  • Made more macro commands available in Translator and the Plugins (Mouse commands, CD Eject, TCP Messages).
  • Modified IR Blasting to set Carrier Frequency more accurately.
  • Added command line options to Translator to let you blast IR Commands and execute macros.
  • Reworked the Translator program list interface slightly.
  • Reworked and reintroduced IgorPlug device plugin.
  • Looks like 64-bit support wasn't working, so I've had another try.
  • Added a Translator OSD that can task swap, run macros and some other useful things.
  • Added some new macro commands (HTTP requests, beep sound, wave file playback).
  • Commands (including macros) now execute on separate threads. In the past calling a macro for example would block the caller until it finished, now the caller can continue while the macro executes independantly. Note that this will cause a subtle change in flow control, but shouldn't effect anyone.
  • Added support for Girder 3.x plugins, still experimental at this stage. Expect to see improvements in this area like multiple Girder plugins active at the same time.
  • Virtual Remote now has a companion application called Web Remote, with a built in web server for simulating a remote control over the web.
  • Added support for the RedEye blaster device.
  • Added support for the Nintendo Wii Remote (no classic controller or accelerometer support yet).
  • Improved suspend/resume handling ... again ... hopefully this works!
  • Re-synchronized InputHandler with MediaPortal.
  • Jens has helped me get 64-bit MCE remote support working properly, finally!
  • Added a swag of new STB presets.
  • Added RC6 Foxtel variation support for MCE Remote protocol decoding.
  • Simplified Macro file format. Old macro's must be converted or rebuilt. This change will speed up the introduction of new features.


  • No longer uses Named Pipes IPC, now uses TCP for communications between server and clients. This should solve a lot of problems.
  • The Vista eHome MCE device driver (default driver) is now supported!
  • Automatic OS, driver and blaster manufacturer detection. Supporting XP & Vista with eHome or Replacement driver.
  • Documentation now includes information on how to make eHome driver act like Replacement Driver. Replacement Driver is obsolete.
  • No longer includes MCE Replacement Driver files in package, but does still support using the driver.
  • MCE Transceiver plugin now stores IR Commands in Philips Pronto format, but still supports old files.
  • Re-learning IR codes is highly recommended to improve IR blasting accuracy.
  • More improvements to MCE device interface.
  • Improved support for suspend/resume, should positively effect all devices but especially with MCE device.
  • Fixed several bugs in USB-UIRT support, including learning IR Commands.
  • WinLirc IR Server plugin configuration now can create IR Command files for blasting.
  • Now IR Server only restarts it's Comms if you change settings.
  • Fixed program launching bug in Translator.
  • Moved to typed messages, this will not effect the end user.
  • Refactored some more dialog boxes into a common code library.
  • Added a use for all option for the blaster port selection when importing a quick-setup option in the TV2 & TV3 blaster plugins.
  • Fixed an IR testing bug in the TV2 & TV3 blaster plugins.
  • You can now select multiple IR Server Receiver plugins at the same time.
  • Fixed a startup bug in Tray Launcher that was related to the new tcp comms system.
  • Fix a bug in IRMan support that was stopping IR Server form starting if the device wasn't pluged in / responding / configured correctly.
  • Removed local machine name from server host lists. Added localhost instead, which should be more robust.
  • Added experimental Serial IR Blaster support.
  • Attempted to fix Tray Launcher focus issue.
  • Added several new Set Top Box Quick-Setup options.
  • Added Automatic Detection of IR Devices.
  • Fixed a bug in setting up Windows Message commands in Translator.
  • Added the ability to nest macros. Looping macros will fail at runtime producing an error log entry, so you should always test your macros.
  • Can now rename IR Commands and Macros by clicking on them in their lists. Just like renaming a file in Windows Explorer.


  • New Microsoft MCE Transceiver plugin for IR Server.
  • Now supports Microsoft MCE Remote Keyboard (with mouse), for both the eHome (XP) and Replacement driver (XP & Vista).
  • Supports additional IR Protocols for remote button presses.
  • Improved IR Blasting and IR Learning.
  • Uses correct IR Carrier Frequency for Pronto IR Codes, but fixes to 38khz for learned IR codes for now.
  • This is still a work in progress ...
  • Removed "MCE Replacement" IR Server plugin, the replacement (and eHome) driver is now supported by "Microsoft MCE" IR Server plugin.
  • Removed Blaster Speed settings, which was only there to support MCE blasting without a known IR carrier frequency.
  • Added a "Wait for response" option to Serial Commands.
  • Now targeted specifically for x86 32-bit platform. Which should force it to run in emulated 32-bit on 64-bit platforms.
  • IR Blast now appends log entries, instead of starting a new log every run (logs are restarted after 1 week).
  • Unhandled exceptions are now logged.
  • Fixed a major bug in the TV2 and TV3 Blaster plugins.


  • Translator can now control the mouse.
  • Added configurable learn IR timeout for MCE and USBUIRT reciever types.
  • New command line application "IR Blast" for interfacing with other software.
  • Virtual Remote now accepts command line parameters for simulating button presses.
  • Each installation now has one location for Set Top Box setups and one location for IR codes.
  • Standardized GUI components and broke out common forms and code into a common library.
  • Improved comms down situation with Apps and Plugins.
  • Reduced CPU load of applications and plugins.
  • Enabled selecting a separate receiver and transmitter of IR codes.
  • Completed first draft of documentation.
  • Fixed bug in MP Control Plugin mapping blast commands to remote buttons.


  • Microsoft MCE IR Server Plugin now stops Microsoft Windows MCE ehRecvr service before starting.
  • Fixed a major bug in the IR command learning in each of the MediaPortal plugins.



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