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Table of Contents


Using commands with IRSS components 

How Commands Work

IRSS components listen to:

  • IR Server for remote button presses
  • Windows system for system events (shutdown, system start etc.) 
  • MediaPortal events (MPstart, etc.)

When such an event occurs the components react by executing commands.

The components which can use Commands are:

  • Translator - for system wide usage
  • MPControlPlugin  - Process plugin for reacting on remote and MediaPortal events
  • MPBlastZone - Windows plugin to create commands, manage them in collections (folders) and execute them within MediaPortal (GUI) by browsing and clicking on them
  • TVE3Plugin -  a process plugin for reacting on TVE3 events, especially for 'blasting' to a Set Top Box (STB)

Multiple commands can be combined in macros. For more information see [Macros].

Variables can be used within commands and their parameters to create dynamic commands (i.e. include the user name, time, the change which should be blasted, ...)

Development of new command plugins

New commands can be provided as separate plugin files (*.dll).

The locations of the command plugins are:

  • For Translator and other IRSS tools:
    • %IRSS_INSTALL_DIR%\Commands (
    • e.g ..\ProgramFiles(86\IR Server Suite\Commands) (default)
  • For MediaPortal plugins (MPControlPlugin, MPBlastZonePlugin)
    • %MediaPortal_INSTALL_DIR%\Commands
  • For TVE3 plugins
    • ...todo...

For further info, see Contribute > Development > Command Plugins


Example implementations can be found within the General Commands, MediaPortal Commands and the Translator Commands.

The command is based on the Command class. For configuration the baseCommandConfig should be used.





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