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You can now put in a windows title or class name into the Application field on the Windows Messages command setup.

The plugin will look for a process with the same executable path, failing that it will look for the class name, failing that it will look for the window title. I'm going to improve this in the future, but for now I think it's sufficient...

So for ffdshow you put:

  • ffdshow_remote_class
  • Mesage field - 32786 
  • WParam - 0
  • LParam  - the command you are setting

You then make another windows message command exactly the same but with

  • WParam - 1
  • LParam - the value to change the setting to.

This is a really bad explanation, so I've attached some sample macros to this post that you can use to turn ffdshow subtitles on and off. Put these in the Macro folder under the plugins application data folder. Usually: C:\Documents & Settings\All Users\Application Data\MediaPortal MCE Replacement Plugin\MACRO

All you need to do to ffdshow to enable this sort of control is

  1. load the ffdshow video decoder configuration
  2. go to "Keys & remote"
  3. enable Remote control API
  4. select "User defined"
  5. make sure the value of "User defined" is 32786, as in the attached screenshot.

For those that would like to control other aspects of ffdshow with the method I've outlined above and demonstrated in the attached macros you can get theIDs to use from the 'ffdshow_constants.h' file. For example, for subtitles use IDFF_isSubtitles which is 801. Good luck!



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