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On 20 Sep 2010}, chefkoch suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded or rewritten -

Whenever a new version is released there is a mixture of bug-fixes, new features, and new devices supported. As a user of the software you can help me by reporting faults, usability problems, and even successes.

For example, if the change log suggests that a new device is supported you can help out by testing that device and reporting back to me on how you went. All feedback is welcome, positive and negative.

I don't actually own a lot of the devices supported by IR Server Suite, so often when new device support is added it goes in based on some existing source-code or an API specification. This is not the best way to operate, but I can't afford to buy dozens of devices that I don't need. I have a hard enough time affording the things I do need!



When a new command type is added, more often than not it's not a command that I use (otherwise I would have added it already). So I need people to test the commands and let me know if they work as expected.

The way to make a report of an error, omission, or usability problem is to post in the thread that announced the version of IR Server Suite that you have found the problem in. But remember to

please include log files, details about your system and how you brought about the fault.

I know we aren't all software developers, and so users often overlook the log files. But believe me, having log files that show what went wrong makes my job 100% easier. And it means I get the problem fixed faster.

IR Server Suite log files can be found in the Start Menu under Programs -> IR Server Suite -> Logs. If you use the MCE remote support then there is another log file in your root directory, including that can also help.



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