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IR Blast is for blasting IR commands from the command line.

But really IR Blast is to interface with other software that can launch external applications for IR Blasting.

Usage: IRBlast -host {server} [-port x] [-pad x] [-channel] [-delay x] {commands}

  • Use -host to specify the computer that is hosting the IR Server.
  • Use -port to blast to a particular blaster port (optional).
  • Use -channel to tell IR Blast to break apart the following IR Command and use each digit for a separate IR blast (optional).
  • Use -delay to specify a time in milliseconds to delay between each command or digit in a channel number (Optional).
  • Use -pad to tell IR Blast to pad channel numbers to a certain length (Optional, Requires -channel).
  • Use a tilde ~ between commands to insert half second pauses.


IRBlast -host HTPC TV_Power.IR

This would blast the TV_Power.IR command on the HTPC computer to the default blaster port.

IRBlast -host MEDIAPC -port Port_2

"Turn on surround.IR" This would blast the "Turn on surround.IR" command on the MEDIAPC computer to blaster port 2.

IRBlast -host HTPC -pad 4 -channel 302

This would blast the 3.IR, 0.IR, and 2.IR commands on the HTPC computer to the default blaster port.


There is also a windowless version of IR Blast in the same folder as "IRBlast.exe" called "IRBlast-NoWindow.exe"

IR Blast (No Window) uses the exact same command line parameters as IRBlast, but when called from another application it will not create a command prompt window.



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