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On 20 Sep 2010, chefkoch suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded or rewritten 

As of 2013.06.23 - MP Blast Zone plugin is not compatible with Mediaportal v1.4 or the Titan Skin.


This is the menu setup tab of the plugin setup window.

Common items:

  • Change Server - Change the IR Server host.
  • Help - Load this help file.
  • Extended logging - Keep detailed information on the plugins operations in the mediaportal.log file.


  •  Move item to the top of the list.
  •  Move item up one place in the list.
  •  Add a new item into the list.
  •  Edit the currently selected item.
  •  Delete the currently selected item.
  •  Delete all items in the list.
  •  Move item down one place in the list.
  •  Move item to the bottom of the list.
  • New Command - Create a new menu command entry.
  • Set - Set the current menu command entry to the command selected in the list to the right.

In this tab you can teach the plugin all the commands you want to be able to blast back to your equipment. Use NEW, EDIT, DELETE and TEST to learn, re-learn, remove and test IR commands. Double click an IR command to re-learn.

In this tab you can set up macros, which are lists of commands to execute. Macros include blasting IR commands, pausing, running external programs, popup messages, jumping to MediaPortal screens, sending serial port commands, simulating keystrokes, and sending window messages to other programs.

Macros are usefull when you need to blast multiple button presses to your equipment to get the desired results. Use NEW, EDIT, DELETE and TEST to create, modify, remove and test Macros. Double click a macro to edit.

Creating or modifying a macro will start the Macro Editor.



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