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When using the MPControlPlugin it is possible to reference the all available windows (screens) within MediaPortal by their ID. You can use the ID to map a remote button to jump to a specific window ([GotoScreen Command]) or execute a command depending on the current active window ([Window Condition]).

Which screens are available?

The list of available windows is based on the GUIWindow.Window enum. Only a few IDs (mainly Dialogs) are excluded within the GotoScreenCommand, because it is not possible to open them directly.
Additionally to the windows from the enum you can refer to any other window manually by entering the window ID. The description might be [unknown] or the ID itself in this case. To provide you a meaning full description even if you enter a ID like the one for MovingPictures i.e., IRSS contains a matching table with the ID and a title.

The descriptions for my preferred ID is still unknown.

If you have an ID and you would like to have a proper description, please fill a bug report at the IRSS forums, containing the following information:

  • Thread title: "WindowID mapping for XXyyzz"
  • Window ID
  • Description of the Window
  • Reference (Link to documentation or source code)
  • "WindowID mapping for MovingPictures"
  • WindowID = 96742
  • Title = "MovingPictures"
  • source code:
    Date Created:



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