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On 20 Sep 2010, chefkoch suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded and rewritten.

If you have or find IR codes for your equipment in Philips Pronto CCF format then you can extract those codes and use them with most of the IR blaster types supported by the IR Server.

Pronto IR codes can be cut and pasted into notepad (or any text editor) and then used with the plugin. Just put the "0000 006D 0022 ..." style code into a text file, save it with a ".IR" extension in the "Application Data\IR Server Suite\IR Commands\" folder and the code will be instantly available for use.

The following Pronto IR code types are supported for blasting:

  • 0000 - Raw Oscillated
  • 0100 - Raw Unmodulated
  • 5000 - RC5
  • 5001 - RC5X
  • 6000 - RC6
  • 6001 - RC6A

To extract codes from a ".CCF" file I recommend you download CCF Extractor from here:

Use CCF Extractor and put the codes it finds into text files with the same process outlined above.

To get CCF files for your equipment try Remote Central. They have an enormous library of IR codes in Pronto CCF format. Try: and



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