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“Music was my first love and it will be my last …”

- “Music” by John Miles

If you love music the same way I do, you may have encountered situations where you’ve got frustrated.


  • Songs are not displayed correctly in MediaPortal or other media players
  • Artists are named differently
  • Album Cover Art is missing
  • Like to see Lyrics


MPTagThat is the solution to your problems!

MPTagThat not only gives you the option of fixing missing Tag entries in your music files, it also allows you grabbing Covers and Lyrics, identifying unknown songs, automatic tagging from the internet and many other functions.
After MPTagThat has done its job, you are able to run e.g. a database scan from within MediaPortal and your songs will appear correctly in the various Database Views.


Some main features of MPTagThat are:


  • Tagging and Managing Music Files, including retrieving album cover art and Lyrics
  • Ripping of Audio CDs with FreeDB support
  • Burning of Audio CDs
  • Conversion into various audio Formats
  • Selecting files via Folder View or Database View
  • Leveling of Ausio a.ka. ReplayGain


Thanks to the other members in the team that contributed graphics (Harley), code (rtv) and initial testing (ronilse and chemelli), ronlise for providing Norwegian Language support as well as mackey for his Lyrics Engine.

 Language Translation is performed on Transifex. Thanks to all the people contributing their translations.

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+ Added
- Deleted
x Fixed

3.1.5 Date: 13.10.2014
+ Updated Translation files
x Identify function was broken due to some changes at Music Brainz
x Lyrics Search for Artists containing the word "The" was not working
x Updated Lyrics Engine to latest version
x The TagEdit Form "Remove Existing Picture" CheckBox State is stored persistent
x Existing user folder thumb is used when searching for covers
x Changed default setting for Organise Files

3.1.4 Date: 28.01.2014
+ Fetched latest Transifex translations
+ MPTAG-33: Use Version 2 of MusicBrainz WebServices
+ MPTAG-32: Identify File should use Chromaprint
x When an Internet Lookup returns only 1 album, the Multiple Album found dialog was shown
x The Browse Folder Button in Settings -> General -> Ripping didn't allow selecting folder
x Fix random crashes due to disposing a form too early

3.1.3 Date: 14.12.2013
+ New TRanslations via Transifex (Danish, Dutch, French, Lithuanian, Swedish, Spanish). Thanks to all translators
+ MPTAG-19: Added BPM Detection
+ MPTAG-29: Allow Adding of User specific Genres to the list of Genres selectable
+ MPTAG-31: Recognize M4B Files
+ Lyrics Sites are now selected via ListView
+ If MPTagThat is already started and it is invoked via Explorer Right Click, just refresh the running instance instead of starting a new version
+ Added Transifex support for language files (thanks Chefkoch)
x MPTAG-30: Fixed Problems creating folders with special characters
x Activate the CD Rom Drive Node in Treeview, when a CD is selected
x When a CD was already inserted in the drive, before start of the application, no FreeDB lookup was performed
x Upgrade to latest Elegant Ribbon Version
x Upgrade to latest Lyrics Engine
x The Main window was not always brought to front in all cases
x When a Network folder was the last selected folder, the Treeview didn't get expanded on startup
x Don't list the Bin and Control folder in Treeview, as they will not contain editable content
x Typing a Genre into the TagEdit Combo, while in MultiEdit, didn't take the change without ticking the check box as well
x updated to latest BASS binaries
x Wrong link in About box
- Remove Language Tool. No longer needed, because translation is via TRansifex

3.1.2 Date: 05.12.2012
+ Added a Quick Folder selection combo, which also contains the last 20 used folders
x Internet Lookup was picking up the wrong Album from Multiple Album selection list

3.1.1 Date: 27.11.2012
+ Handle WMP Ratings correctly in the Grid Display
x Fixed a crash when a file contained WMP Ratings

3.1.0 Date: 20.09.2012
+ Replaygain Support: TRack Gain and Album Gain can be calculated
+ Script: Added Sample script for changing encoding
+ General: File currently processed is shown in Status Bar
+ General: When working on large number of files a Database will be used instead of keeping the files in memory. Should prevent Out Of memory errors
+ TagEdit: ArtistSort, AlbumArtistSort, AlbumSort and TitleSort are now available for all file types. Not only ID3
+ Rating support for OGG and FLAC
x The "Star Rating" was not shown correctly in the Grid
x Picturebox was not cleared in some cases
x TagEdit: TDRC Frame was removed by mistake

3.0.7 Date: 05.05.2012
+ Cover Art: Added new setting to resize saved Cover Art to the specified maximum width
+ Cover Art: Added Context Menu to search for Coverart on Google based on Artist and Title
+ Cover Art: Allowing Drag and Drop of Images from Explorer or from a Website, e.g. Google Images
+ Cover Art: Enable Drag & Drop of Cover Art from the Non-Music Files Panel
+ Cover Art: Implement Drag & Drop Operation of Cover Art from Explorer to Ribbon Picture Box
x General: Changed the way the tags are kept in memory, should allow reading a lot more files, without Out Of Memory Exceptions
x TagEdit: The column for Star rating didn't have the correct background color
x Language: Fixed some spelling issues
x TagEdit: Tag from Internet was returning wrong Album in some special cases

3.0.6 Date: 01.03.2012
+ Localisation: French Translation provided by Pierre le Lidgeu et Colok. Merci!
x General: Deleting non-music files did no longer work
x General: Avoid filling the Tagedit Form with first item of the grid when Scanning a folder
x Cover Art lookup was broken due to change in Amazon Interface. Made the code a bit more generic, so that it won't break on future changes
x Cover: iTunes does not recognize Artwork if MimeType is not set
x TagEdit: Disable editing ID3 v2.4 only frames, when ID3 2.3 is set as default Format for saving
x Tagedit: The Id3 v2.4 TMCL was not handled correctly
x TagEdit: The TCMP (Part of Compilation) flag was noit written correctly
x TagEdit: Saving CoverArt was failing due to some logic error. Converted to FreeImage use
x Tagedit: Non-Standard ID3 Frames were written multiple times
x Tagedit: Original RElease Year handling corrected
x TagEdit: Non-Standard ID3 Tags were not updated
x TaglibSharp: The ID3 v2.3 IPLS frame was not correctly returned
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