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On 20 Sep 2010, chefkoch suggested that this page or content is incomplete and needs to be expanded.

With the event mapper you can now match a parameter of a GUI Message and only execute the mapping if the message type and parameter match. One of the many things this lets us do is create new buttons in a skin and then have them blast ir codes or macros. Here's a quick example:

Place this code in your skins "myvideos.xml" to add a new button:

  • <control>
      <description>Blast IR</description>

Place this code in your "strings.xml" to add the label for the button:

  • <string>
      <value>Blast IR</value>

Now, set up the event mapper to watch for "Clicked" events and match the "Sender Control ID" parameter to "818181". With this in place you will now have a fully programmable button in your skin. It can blast IR, send serial commands, launch external apps, etc ...



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