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Remote Controls

This is the remote control configuration window.

By selecting a MediaPortal remote button and then pressing the corresponding button on your remote control you can map your remote control for use with MediaPortal.

Common items:

These buttons are located at the bottom of the configuration window no matter what tab you are veiwing.

  • Change server - Click here to change the IR Server host.
  • Help - Click here to load this help file.
  • Extended logging - Same as the native MCE remote support. With this enabled there is more detailed logging of the plugins actions inside your MediaPortal log files.
  • Require focus - Tell the plugin if you want it to respond to MCE remote button presses only when MediaPortal has focus.
  • OK - Click here to accept any configuration changes and exit.
  • Cancel - Click here to cancel any configuration changes and exit.


  • Add Remote - Add the selected remote control preset to the remote button map list.
  • Map Buttons - Setup the MediaPortal button mappings.
  • Clear All - Clear all remote button codes.

IR Commands

In this tab you can teach the plugin all the commands you want to be able to blast back to your equipment. Use NEW, EDIT, DELETE and TEST to learn, re-learn, remove and test IR commands. Double click an IR command to re-learn.


In this tab you can set up macros, which are lists of commands to execute. Macros include blasting IR commands, pausing, running external programs, popup messages, jumping to MediaPortal screens, sending serial port commands, simulating keystrokes, and sending window messages to other programs.

Macros are usefull when you need to blast multiple button presses to your equipment to get the desired results. Use NEW, EDIT, DELETE and TEST to create, modify, remove and test Macros. Double click a macro to edit.

Creating or modifying a macro will start the Macro Editor.

Multi Mapping

This tab is for setting up "Multi-Mapping".

Multi-Mapping feature lets you have multiple button maps for your remote that you can then cycle through when you press the designated multi-map change button. Every time you press the change button your mapping set will change and a popup notification will appear telling what mapping set you are currently in. This lets you remap buttons to have as many different functions as you like. Think of it as a virtual "TV / VCR / DVD" mode select switch on the remote.

With Multi-Mapping enabled you set up a list of remote button maps and a button to cycle through them. Any function that is set to the mapping change button will be ignored in favour of it's new function as the mapping change button.

Mapping change button: This is the button on your remote that will cycle through the different remote button mappings.

Mappings: This is where you lay out the different button mappings you want to cycle through. Use the New, Remove, Up, Down, and Edit buttons to place your mappings in the list. The list will cycle through from top to bottom and back to the top when you press the Mapping set change button inside MediaPortal.

Event Mapper

This tab is for setting up "Event Mapper".

Event Mapper lets you assign any command the plugin has to events that MediaPortal either generates or listens for. For example, with this feature you can send a command to turn on your tv and set the right input source every time your HTPC comes out of a suspended state. Or you could just use it to make MediaPortal move into the TV module when it starts. There are many possibilities.

Event List: This list shows events and their associated command.

Event: Select an event you want to map and press "Add".

Parameter: You can as an option choose to match a message parameter for this event.

Value: The value of the parameter to match.

Command: After selecting an event in the "Event List" choose a command to map and click "Set".

Click here for a tutorial on using event mapper to put new custom buttons into any module within MediaPortal.

Mouse Mode

This tab is for setting up mouse mode.

Mouse Mode feature lets you use your remote control to move and click with your mouse. Not only does this let you control MediaPortal with the mouse, but it also lets you control other windows applications with the mouse while MediaPortal is running. This means you now have full mouse control from your remote control.

With Mouse Mode enabled you set up a remote button to toggle the function on and off. While mouse mode is on all other remote functions are ignored. Mouse Mode is really only usable in conjunction with the replacement driver. It is highly recommended that you use the replacement driver.

With Mouse Mode activated the remote control has the following functions:

  • Up, Down, Left and Right buttons control mouse movement in user-defined steps. Holding a direction button down will apply acceleration to the mouse's movement.
  • Replay, Play, and Skip buttons simulate a left, middle, or right mouse button clicks respectively.
  • OK button simulates a left mouse button double-click.
  • Back, Stop, and More buttons simulate holding down a left, middle, or right mouse button respectively until the button is pressed again to release the mouse button.
  • Channel Up/Down simulates the mouse scroll wheel.
  • All other buttons are passed through to the normal input handling routines, including different remote and multi-mapping handling.

Mouse mode toggle button: This is the button on your remote that will toggle Mouse Mode on and off.

Mouse step distance: This is the distance the mouse will move for each press of a remote button.

This window is for mapping button presses to commands, IR blasting, and macros. It is almost identical to the normal input mapping window used by the remote control support that is built in to MediaPortal. The only differences are as follows:

Action - Blast IR: There is a new action possibility when mapping a button (Blast IR). When the Blast IR radio button is selected you can choose from a drop down list of IR commands you have already taught the plugin as well as any Macros you have defined.



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