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Once the file has been tagged correctly, it might be necessary to rename the original file. Parameters may be used to specify, how the new file name should be constructed.

Parameters must be included within the "<" and ">" sign. The easiest way to insert a parameter is to position the cursor in the combo box and then click on the Parameter in the Parameter Group Box.

Once a new Format is used, it exists only temporary for the session. If the new format should be kept for later re-use, it can be stored, by pressing the "Add Format To List" button. Formats no longer needed can be removed, by selecting them and pressing the "Remove Format From List" button.

Lets asume we have have a mp3 file with the following tags:

  • Artist: Eagles
  • Album: Long Road Out Of Eden
  • Title: No more walks in the wood
  • Track: 01
  • Year: 2007


Results in file name

<K> - <T>

01 - No more walks in the wood.mp3

<A> - <B> - <K> - <T>

Eagles - Long Road out of Eden - 01 - No more walks in the wood.mp3



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