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“Music was my first love and it will be my last …”

- “Music” by John Miles

If you love music the same way I do, you may have encountered situations where you’ve got frustrated.

  • Songs are not displayed correctly in MediaPortal or other media players
  • Artists are named differently
  • Album Cover Art is missing
  • Like to see Lyrics

MPTagThat is the solution to your problems!

MPTagThat not only gives you the option of fixing missing Tag entries in your music files, it also allows you grabbing Covers and Lyrics, identifying unknown songs, automatic tagging from the internet and many other functions.
After MPTagThat has done its job, you are able to run e.g. a database scan from within MediaPortal and your songs will appear correctly in the various Database Views.


Some main features of MPTagThat are:

  • Tagging and Managing Music Files, including retrieving album cover art and Lyrics
  • Ripping of Audio CDs with FreeDB support
  • Burning of Audio CDs
  • Conversion into various audio Formats
  • Selecting files via Folder View or Database View
  • Leveling of Audio a.ka. ReplayGain

Thanks to the other members in the team that contributed graphics (Harley), code (rtv) and initial testing (ronilse and chemelli), ronlise for providing Norwegian Language support as well as mackey for his Lyrics Engine.



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