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In the Tags Preferences, you specify how tags should be handled:

  • Copy Artist to Album Artist when empty - if set and AlbumArtist is empty, the content of Artist is copied
  • Auto Fill "Numnber of TRacks" on Multiple Tag Edit - if the number f track field is empty it will befilled
  • Use Case Conversion settings on save - when checked, the case conversion is done while a file is saved
  • Change REadonly Attribute on Save - If a file is readonly, the attribute is reset, so that the changes can be saved

The ID3 section specifies how ID3 Tag information should be written either V2 2.3, 2.4 or Ape Tags with ID3 V1. Furthermore you select, which ID3 tags should be written or cleared on save.

Some applications, especially some Car Audio systems, have problems with UTF-16 encoded Tags. You may select different encosing schemes in this case. For example use "Latin1" in some special cases instead of Unicode.

MP3 files can be validated and automatically fixed using "mp3val", while reading in the files. This option is also available from the tracks grid, by pressing Alt-V (Validate) and Alt-F (Fix).

In the Picture and Lyrics Part, you define how Covers and Song texts are handled.

  • Create missing folder thumb on save - if checked and no folder.jpg exists in a folder, then it is created on save
  • Embed existing folder thumb (folder.jpg) on cover search. - When looking for a cover and a folder thumb is present, this will be used, insteadof retrieving it from the internet
  • Overwrite existing Cover(s) on automatic tagging - When covers are retrieved via internet, existing covers will be overwritten
  • Save Cover Art only to folder thumb. Don't touch the music file - No Picture will be embedded in the audio file itself
  • AmazonSite - select the locale amazon site, where covers and albums should be looked up at Amazon

The Lyrics part allows selection of a Lyric site. Some sites have problems, if artists are set as e.g. Fogerty, John, so the Switch artist before submit check box, changes it back to John Fogerty.

Finally the Database section allows you to specify a database, which is used for Auto completion, while editing tags and for retrieving songs via Database Mode.

  • Use MediaPortal Music Database for auto completion - check this box and specify the MediaPortal Music Database. when you now type in the Artist or AlbumArtist field in Single Tag Edit or Multiple Tag Edit, auto completion is used.

If for some reason, which i don't undestand :-), no MediaPortal Music Database is available, you may enter a Database name in the above text box and then start building a new one.

Click the "Start Scan" button and select a folder with your music files from the pop up. You can close the screen and continue with tagging, while the folder and it's sub folder is scanned in the background and audio files are added to the database.

Whe you return to this screen and press "Scan Status" you are informed about the progress.



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