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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature

Two new skin control attributes, <oninfo> and <onESC>, offer more flexibility to skinners to extend and improve navigation, particularly for sub-menus on Basic Home screens.

Description of Change

<oninfo> and <onESC> control attributes have been added to GUI control, and function much the same as <onfocus> and <onclick> attributes. Thus skins may combine these attributes with skin setting functions for control actions and navigation within GUI controls.

Although the feature is 'generic' and the attributes can be used with any GUI control, it is primarily designed for use with button controls.

Additional Information and References


Issue #:


Related xml(s):

any but particularly BasicHome.xml

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Related control:

GUI Control

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Date added:

Tue, 29 Jul 2014

XML/Code Samples

<!-- oninfo and onESC test -->
<label>TEST 1</label>






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