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Strings changes in version 1.2.0

String used for Layouts menu (in many windows):

<String id="792">Layouts Menu</String>

New default sort method in TV Guide search

<String id="1202">Sort by: Auto</String>

String used in the TV Program Info page.   This string is the same as 1041 (Upcoming Episodes) but includes the extra information which will show how many episodes are scheduled to be recorded

<String id="1203">Upcoming episodes (active: {0})</String>

New option in video section

<String id="1204">Play all videos in selected folder</String>

New sort method using in music section

<String id="1205">Sort by: Disc#</String>
<String id="1208">Sort by: Composer</String>

New sort method using in videos and pictures sections

<String id="1220">Sort by: Date Created</String>
<String id="1221">Sort by: Date Modified</String>

Enhanced TV notification

<String id="1206">Programme is now running for {0} minutes</String>
<String id="1212">Cancel reminder</String>
<String id="1207">Switch to {0} now?</String>
<String id="102019">TV notification</String>

Also English string has been updated from "Alert Me" to

<String id="1040">Set reminder</String>

New string for radio

<String id="1213">Listen to this Station</String>

Changed strings for weekends. (Mantis

<String id="672">Record Weekdays</String>
<String id="680">Weekdays</String>
<String id="1050">Weekends</String>
<String id="1051">Record Weekends</String>

Removed strings for weekends:

<String id="1057">Record Sun-Thu</String> 
<String id="1058">Record Fri-Sat</String>  
<String id="1059">Sun-Thu</String>  
<String id="1060">Fri-Sat</String>

New strings for #itemtype in database views

<String id="1214">Composers</String>
<String id="1215">Conductors</String>
<String id="1216">Discs</String>
<String id="1222">Groups"</String>

New strings for new music database views

<String id="1217">Artist Tracks</String>
<String id="1218">Albums By Age</String>
<String id="1219">Album Artists (Index)</String>

New strings for playlist

<String id="1223">Existing Playlist Detected</String>
<String id="1224">Do you want to clear the current playlist?</String>
<String id="1225">Queue item</String>
<String id="1226">Queue all items</String>

New strings for Oudated Skin dialog

<String id="1901">Your currently selected skin ({0}) is outdated. This could cause problems while using MediaPortal. For this reason MediaPortal has temporarily switched to the default skin. If however you would like to try using the outdated skin, press the 'Ignore and try' button, but remember: Do NOT file a bug report using this skin!
(to dismiss this warning either wait until it closes automatically or press Back/ESC on you remote)</String>
<String id="1902">Do not show this message again</String>
<String id="1903">Ignore and try ({0})...</String>

New strings for Incompatible Plugins dialog

<String id="1910">Incompatible plugins</String>
<String id="1911">The following plugins are incompatible with this version of MediaPortal and were automatically disabled:</String>
<String id="1912">Continue|Continue ({0})...|Continue ({0})...</String>

Other strings file changes in version 1.2.0

Added rtl="true/false" argument in <Language> tag. If not set, defaults to false. Option was set to true for Hebrew (strings_he.xml).

<Language name="Hebrew" characters="1524" rtl="true">



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