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This page lists the changes made to strings files for MediaPortal 1.4.0 for translators.

Strings Changes

Blu-ray Settings

Option to disable the internal Blu-ray menu player:

<String id="1199">Enable Internal Blu-ray Player</String>

Decoder and Source Settings

Option to let Windows select what decoders to use:

<String id="1321">Auto Decoder Settings</String>

Option to manually select what source and splitter filters to use:

<String id="1322">Force Source Splitter</String>

Option to let MediaPortal use the video decoders instead of TV decoders when playing .ts files:

<String id="1323">Video Codecs for .TS files</String>

Settings Startup, Resume and GUI

Removed obsolete buttons.

<String id="300096">Turn monitor/tv on (resume from standby)</String>
<String id="300097">Allow S3 standby (even if wake up devices are present)</String>
<String id="300098">Workaround to fix MediaPortal freeze on resume</String>
<String id="300099">Restart MediaPortal on resume</String>

<String id="300101">Use screen selector to choose MediaPortal starting screen</String>

<String id="300123">Autosize window mode to skin dimensions</String>

Added button at MediaPortal > Settings > General > Startup

<String id="300229">Minimize to tray on focus loss</String>

Added button at MediaPortal > Settings > General > Resume

<String id="300230">Stop playback on removal of an audio renderer</String>

Added button at MediaPortal > Settings > GUI > General

<String id="300231">Reduce frame rate when not being in focus</String>

Recorded TV Thumbs Moved to TV Server

Clear thumbs label in MediaPortal > Settings > GUI > GUI - Thumbnails changed from TV/Videos to Videos.

<String id="300155">Videos</String>

Clear thumbs button in MediaPortal > Settings > GUI > GUI - Thumbnails only clears Video thumbs.

<String id="300158">Clear Videos thumbs</String>

Stop Live TV Dialog

Option to disable the dialog shown when stopping LiveTV:

<String id="300228">Ask for confirmation when stopping timeshift</String>



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