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Since SVN 23572 it is possible to use conditional expressions in allowoverlay element of window. Using allowoverlay avoids duplication of controls comprising the video/visualization preview window and promotes consistency of the skin. In screens, however, that make use of FacadeView control, it was often not possible to use alowoverlay because the video preview window would only fit when FacadeView was in list or filmstrip view. In these screens the video/visualization preview window controls where duplicated and their visibility controlled through a conditional expression. With this change it is now possible to specify the conditional expression directly in allowoverlay.

Description of change

The following is an example of the use of conditional expressions in allowoverlay (excerpt from MyVideo.xml):


The controls comprising the video/visualization preview window should be removed as they are already included in videoOverlay.xml and musicOverlay.xml.

Note: Using allowoverlay and not removing the video window control is sure to result in flickering overlays.



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