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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change: Bug Fix

Adding a GuiProperty, "AudioVideoDelayPossible", which is set to true when ffdshow is in graph otherwise to false. This way the skinner can enable/disable the control and even display a message that it needs ffdshow for this. 

In the example below, a "Delay Not Possible/need FFDShow" is displayed when FFDShow is not present in graph.

Description of Change

AudioVideoDelayPossible with a property to set to true or false

Additional Information and References.

Mantis Issue:


Related xml(s):

videoOSD.AudioMenu.xml (StreamedMP)

Windows IDs:


Related GUI control:

<visible>string.equals(#VideoOSD.AudioVideoDelayPossible, false)</visible>



Date added:

Sat, 06 Aug 2011

XML/Code Samples

This example xml can be used in a skin to show a label only when AudioVideo delay is available (Based on StreamedMP Skin):

      <description>your label</description>
      <label>Delay Not Possible/need FFDShow</label>
      <visible>string.equals(#VideoOSD.AudioVideoDelayPossible, false)</visible>
      <animation effect="slide" start="1300,0" end="0,0" tween="quadratic" time="300" delay="0">visible</animation>




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