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Camera Positioning is new as of version 1.3.0 alpha and later.


Camera attributes allow for the positioning of a set of skin controls in perspective relative to the design eye of the skin screen (the default camera position).  The default camera position is the geometric center of the screen. You can move the camera to an alternate location for the rendering of the control.

Camera support is implemented on two controls:

  • Group - all controls contained within the group will be rendered using the camera position you specify in the skin xml.
  • Coverflow - setting the camera position on the coverflow control only will affect only the coverflow control


Position the camera 200 pixels below the center of the screen.

<camera xpos="0" ypos="200">yes</camera>

Disable the effect of the camera tag.

<camera xpos="0" ypos="200">no</camera>

Position the camera at the default location.

<camera xpos="0" ypos="0">yes</camera>



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