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Command line options allow you to specify different startup options other than the default settings currently set in MediaPortal Configuration.  

This allows you to create shorctcuts to start MediaPortal with different settings for different users. Or to start MediaPortal with one set of options on your PC screen and another set of options for your HDTV (if you are using it as a secondary monitor).



The available command line options are:

  • /fullscreen or /fullscreen=yes - forces MP to start in fullscreen
  • /windowed or /fullscreen=no  - forces MP to start in windowed mode 
  • /crashtest - simulates MP crashing
  • /skin=XX - forces MP to use skin named XX (e.g. /skin='Black Glass')
  • /screen=X  - forces MP to start in screen number X 
  • /config=xxx  -specify the name of a custom configuration file - either
    • a .xml filename located in the same folder as MediaPortal.xml (the default configuration file) - usually ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal
    • a path to an alternate location of MediaPortal.xml

Note: /screen=0 will start MP on the primary screen and /screen=1 will start MP on the secondary screen,


Most of these options can be used together, such a command line could look like this: 

  • MediaPortal.exe /fullscreen /screen=1 /skin="DefaultWide"


  • To open Configuration to a specific section:
    • Configuration.exe /section=xxx  (where xxx is the section you wish to open to)
  • To add a DebugOptions item to TV Configuration (for advanced testers only!):
    • Configuration.exe /debugoptions
  • To install MediaPortal 'silently':
    • Configuration.exe --deploymode

TV Server


  • TvService.exe /install
  • TvService.exe /uninstall
  • TvService.exe /debug


  • To delete the database:
    • SetupTv.exe /delete-db
  • To configure TV Server:
    • SetupTv.exe /configure-db
  • To add Debug Options:
    • SetupTv.exe /debugoptions - provides an additional item in TV Server Configuration called Debug Options - only for advanced testers and developers.
  • To install TV Server
    • SetupTv.exe --DeployMode
    • SetupTv.exe --DeploySql
    • SetupTv.exe --DeployPwd




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