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  • Required:  Yes 
  • Type of Change:  Bug Fix

In an effort to reduce duplication and inconsistencies in internal plugins, common controls now have the same IDs across all windows. Additionally, some skin properties have been renamed.

Description of Change

The following controls now have a consistent ID across windows:

  • facadeview [50]
  • layout button [2] (ViewAs > Layouts as of 1.2.0 beta)
  • sort button [3]
  • views button (Switch View) [5]

Please note that a skin change is required: in mymusicgenres.xml, mymusicsongs.xml and mypics.xml the "Switch View" button ID must be 5. The surrounding controls' navigational IDs (onup/ondown etc) must be updated accordingly.

Also, the property "#facadeview.viewmode" has been renamed to "#facadeview.layout".

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3201
  • Related xml(s):  mymusicgenres.xml, mymusicsongs.xml, mypics.xml
  • Window ID:  504, 501, 2
  • Related GUI property/control:  GUIFacadeControl (facadeview), GUIButtonControl (button), GUISortButtonControl (sortbutton)   

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