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  • Required:  Yes
  • Type of Change:  Feature.

Description of Change

This change allows comskip data to be displayed on the Recorded TV timeline.  At the moment it only supports Recorded TV and not MyVideos or MyTVSeries.  

The comskip markers are rendered similarly to the percentage 1, 2, 3 markers that already exist for showing timeshifting information.  However, one thing to note is that they are rendered under the background image, so for them to show up, the background has to be semi-transparent.

New parameters to the tvprogress component are:

  • markertexture
    • image file representing markers.
  • labelmarkerstarts 
    • Space delimited list of percentage based location that indicate the beginning of a marker. (typically jump points)
  • labelmarkerends
    • Space delimited list of percentage based locations that indicate the end of a marker. (typically chapters)

Additional Information and References.

Mantis Issue:


Related xml(s): mytvFullScreen.xml TVOSD.xml

Windows IDs:

602, 3003

Related GUI control:




Date added:

Sun, 05 Aug 2012

XML/Code Samples

      <description>TV Progress Bar</description>
      <startlabel />
      <endlabel />
      <toplabel />




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