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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature (rework)

Due to the rework, redesign of our Default/Wide skin, plugins will need to update their skin files.

Description of Change

Default skin resolution has changed from 720x576 to 960x720, which allows plugins to 'adjust' skin files for both DefaultWide and Default skins more easily in future, as they use the same height.

DefaultWide skin files may also need adjustment depending on the media files and layout your plugin uses. In particular, the style of common.window.xml has changed. Plugins should attempt to follow the standard layout of the Default/Wide Skin for elements common to all windows. (see screenshot/example below)

Help Skinning

Plugin developers may check the forum thread: Plugin Support for DefaultWide / Default skins. Update skin files for your plugin may already be posted there by the MP Design team or users. Or you may request assistance, or submit your skin files for inclusion in the supplementary MPE Installer for Default skins.

Although Titan skin files are not required, if you wish your plugin supported in the new Titan HD skin, you may check the Titan skin forum to see if it is already supported, if users have submitted skin files, or to request support or assistance.

Additional Information and References

Mantis Issue:


Related xml(s):

common.window.xml, common.time.xml

Windows IDs:


Related GUI control:



catavolt (Docs by Dadeo)

Date added:

Thu, 31 Jan 2013


Hers is a sample screenshot of the new Default skin layout:

  • Common elements such as the window title (usually #currentmodule), #itemcount  and #selecteditem (centered in blue text with shaded background) are defined in common.window.xml, 
  • date and time are defined in common.time.xml and common to all windows/skin XMLs that import those files
  • List layout (listcontrol) now displays the list on the left



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