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The implementation of GUIWindow.GetControl was changed.


  • Required:  Yes, if you have an ID collision, otherwise recommended
  • Type of Change:  Performance

This change was done in order to speed up access to controls by the skin engine. Usually this is of no concern to skin developers, however in testing we found a small number of skin files that can exhibit problems after this change.

Description of Change

Controls with non-unique IDs are no longer guaranteed to have the first control declared in the xml source returned by this method. This is a problem under specific circumstances, when skins assign an ID that is specifically requested by a plugin by that ID, to multiple controls. Please note that control IDs, unless overridden in your xml, are inherited from references.xml and from imported xmls as well.

Note:  It was merely an implementation detail that this worked in the past. It has always been recommended to assign all controls unique IDs, regardless of whether they are referred to by their ID. We recommend you test your skin for possible ID collisions.  To test, simply load your skin and check the error.log file for details.

Additional Information and References

  • Mantis Issue: 3207
  • Related xml(s):  all
  • Window ID:  all
  • Related GUI property/control: all

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