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Tuning details

Tuning details can be used to limit the scanning time needed by MediaPortal to find your TV and radio channels. Rather than having all MediaPortal users scan all frequencies to find their channels, we should scan only the frequencies where channels are known to be found in your particular area and provider.

EPG Grabbers

WebEPG is a Electronic Program Guide grabbing application. There are several other programs that do what WebEPG does, but not as easily and not as well integrated with MediaPortal.

One of the big problems of a general EPG grabbing application, like XMLTV, in MediaPortal is that channel names don't match the names used in MediaPortal, causing the TV guide data not to be imported properly. This is what WebEPG aims to address. WebEPG uses the channels created by MediaPortal and with the user's input, maps that to the channel from the TV Guide site. It doesn't require the user to change any channel names.

When downloading EPG data from DVB, you only get data for the next 48 hours. With online TV Guide grabbers like WebEPG you may get up to 14 days!


It's impossible for the MediaPortal Team to provide tuning details and EPG grabbers for all possible situations all over the world. MediaPortal therefore depends on the community to share their customizations which will be added to the MediaPortal distribution and available to all other users. If you have created a new tuning detail or EPG grabber file, submit your files in the Development sub forum for EPG-Grabbers and Tuning Details.

See the following sections for detailed information about creating tuning details and EPG grabber files:




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