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Display and play Editions like Bonus Disks, 2D, 3D, Directors Cut, Unrated, etc. (as of v 6.0.0)


As of v 6.0.0, you can use AMC Updater (AMCU) to auto-detect Edition names from file names when importing new movies to an AMC catalog type, including databases created with MyFilms. See Editions Setup for details.

Display Editions

Edition names will be automatically added to the extended Editions field, and can be displayed using the Big Icons List Layout:

Note: This is only supported for AMC4 catalog types. For AMC3 you can add the Editions to a Title field and they will display as the title field you select.

Editions View

You may also 'view' films by Edition:

  1. Select the ***Show All*** option from the View By main menu option or via the Views Menu
  2. Select the Edition field

Thus you can see all your Director's cut Editions, 3D Editions, etc.

Grouping Editions

You can group your editions to display them together in one entry in the film list, then select it to view all your Editions. Use the title as group name for all editions you have. As of v 6.0.0 you can even create the group within MyFilms and add the Editions to it. See Box-Sets, Groups

Note: You must sort your films by name to view them in Groups.

Display a dialog on playback

If you select the manual method outlined in Editions Setup to add multiple editions to your movie source field, MyFilms will display a dialog when you play the movie to allow you to select the Edition you wish. However only one entry will display in your films list and you cannot view or group by Edition.

Note: This method is supported for any movie catalog type, though you must add the editions manually to your catalog source field.




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