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Our HID handler optionally provides full keyboard support.


The average user won't notice any difference following those changes. Our default configuration remains the same.
However power users will be able to disable our legacy keyboard handler and use the HID handler instead.
With our HID keyboard handler users benefit from our superior mapping customisation UI notably enabling support for key modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt, Windows). Moreover HID keyboard provides AZERTY and similar keyboard layout users with working remote digits regardless of the status of shit and caps lock keys, notably for channel zapping and zero shortcut to delete recordings.


To enable this feature one needs not only enabling HID handler but also selecting the full HID profile and Use HID keyboard option as show below:

Once Use HID keyboard is enabled the legacy keyboard handler is disabled, see below:

Do not Use HID keyboard unless you select a full HID profile. Similarly do not use a full HID profile if Use HID keyboard is disabled. Those configuration will result in undefined behaviour when running MP1.


You can now customize your full HID profile to suite your needs and notably make use of key modifier as illustrated below:


Issue #:

MP1-4795 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Issue Component:Configure, HID Input Handler, UI
Type of Change:Feature

HID documentation

Forum thread.

Author:Stéphane Lenclud
Date added:December 2016



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