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  • Required:  No
  • Type of Change:  Feature

Implement feature to enable unfocused alpha on list control attributes label2, label3, pinIcon and Icon.

Description of Change

The Image control exposes a new texture blending mode added to the MediaPortal FontEngine.  This mode offers the capability to blend two textures alpha components (this is different than diffuse color blending, which considers only one texture color and a specified diffuse color).  This texture blending mode is exposed in the Image and Button3Part controls.  The capability is exposed to Image as an "overlay" parameter on the <texture> tag.  When <texture overlay="my-image"> is specified then the (main) texture and the overlay texture are blended through their alpha channels.  When the (main) texture is a solid white image (ffffffff) and a diffuse color is specified (e.g., red) then the overlay texture is blended with a red texture.  This feature is used as the core enabling for coloring programs on the TV Guide.


<textureFocusedLeft overlay="tvguide_arrow_left_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_arrow_left_colorize.png</textureFocusedLeft>

where overlay specifies the name of a texture file that should be used for color blending.  The default is to use no overlay texture and preserves legacy behavior.

See also Image and Button3part.

Additional Information and References

Mantis Issue:


Related xml(s):

Windows IDs:

Related GUI control:

Image Button3part



Date added:

Mon, 1 Oct 2012

XML/Code Samples

  <description>template for program on now button</description>
  <textureFocusedLeft overlay="tvguide_arrow_left_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_arrow_left_colorize.png</textureFocusedLeft>
  <textureNonFocusedLeft overlay="tvguide_arrow_left_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_arrow_left_colorize.png</textureNonFocusedLeft>
  <textureFocusedMid overlay="tvguide_button_middle_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_button_middle_colorize.png</textureFocusedMid>
  <textureNonFocusedMid overlay="tvguide_button_middle_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_button_middle_colorize.png</textureNonFocusedMid>
  <textureFocusedRight overlay="tvguide_arrow_right_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_arrow_right_colorize.png</textureFocusedRight>
  <textureNonFocusedRight overlay="tvguide_arrow_right_colorize_overlay.png">tvguide_arrow_right_colorize.png</textureNonFocusedRight>
  <!-- This icon is used for the hd program indicator -->




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