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The MediaPortal user interface and the installer (DeployTool) are available in a wide variety of languages.

Note: Translations for plugins are not included in the these translation files. If you have an addition for a plugin, please report it directly to the plugin author.

Submitting Translations

If you have an updated localization (translation), then please submit it in the Localization Forum. Start a new thread and attach the file(s).

One of our Team Members will review the updated file and commit it to our SVN repository, so that it will be part of the next release version.

Using the LanguageTool

If you find some mistakes or missing parts in a translation you can use the attached LanguageTool to edit existing translations or add new ones.  First, download the translation tool:

Installer/Deploy Tool

To make an addition to the MediaPortal Installer (Deploy Tool):

  1. Download the latest resource file from SVN Repository
  2. Right click on the link and select save
  3. To update your local language you need to download the corresponding language file from here
  4. For example, download the file "" to update the Swedish translation for DeployTool
  5. Place the file in the same directory as the file MediaPortal.DeployTool.resx.

MediaPortal User Interface

To update a translation of the MediaPortal user interface:

  1. Download the translation of your native language and the base language file (strings_en.xml) from here
  2. Right click on the according files and select save
  3. Start the Translation Tool, select "File -> open"

  4. Browse to the downloaded file(s).

  5. Each text missing a translation is displayed in "red"

  6. Double click into the empty box next to a missing translation to open the edit window
  7. To help you with the translation ID's an english term describing the selected translation string is displayed on the bottom of each window
  8. Once you are finished, click "File -> Save" to create an updated translation file in the folder from which you started the translation tool
  9. Create a zip file of the new file(s) and post them in a new thread in the Forum:

The next release version of MediaPortal will now contain your translation. 

Thanks for your help!


The correct way to localize an extensions is:

  1. Provide a specific strings_xx.xml:  language\movingpictures\strings_it.xml
  2. Enter all the translations required for the plugin or extension there, including the extension name.
  3. Add a field in the configuration pane of the plugin itself to "rename" it so skins can localize your extenstion name on Basic Home screens.

Our official language files will _not_ incorporate strings specific to extensions.



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