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Connection problems

If you have problems getting your client to connect to MPExtended, follow these steps before asking for help on the forums. Always report which step didn't work when you are asking for help.

  • First of all, verify that the IP address, username and password you have configured in your client is correct.
  • There are some links to help you test the connection in the troubleshooting tab in the configuration program. Select in the dropdown box and open these links in a web browser.
    • If the browser times out loading these pages there is something wrong with the service. Make sure the service is started (in the left bottom there's a green label "Service started"). When the service isn't running, start it with the Start button.
    • If you get an authentication dialog, enter the username and password you used in the client. If the credentials aren't accepted (you get a "forbidden" page or the authentication dialog again), the username and password are wrong.
    • If you get a file offered for download or see some weird code now, the service is working. Continue with the next step.
  • Now, select the IP address you configured in your client from the dropdown box. If you can't find the IP address in the dropdown box, you've used the wrong IP address. Try to open these links in a web browser on another computer. If this doesn't work, but the previous step worked, there is a problem with your firewall. Sometimes the installer fails to open the ports in Windows firewall, see the Firewall guide to fix that. If you use another firewall, you have to open the port (4322) manually.
  • If these links are working on another computer, try them on the computer (or device) the client is running. If that doesn't work, there is probably a problem with your network. Make sure they are on the same network.
  • If the links work on the same computer as where your client runs, you've hit a bug in your client.

Asking for help or reporting problems

If you couldn't solve your problems or you think you've hit a bug in MPExtended, you can ask for help in our forums. Please always follow these rules so that we can help you fast and efficient:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of MPExtended. You can check this in the configuration program.
  • Tell us which type of installation you are using (Client, Server, Singleseat, Custom).
  • Tell us which client you are using.
  • If relevant (always when having problems with streaming), state which device you are using or the specifications of your computer.
  • Describe as exact as possible what you are doing that doesn't work.
  • Post your logs and configuration. This is really important - without logs we probably can't help you. The easiest way to obtain these is by using the configuration program. On the troubleshooting tab, there is a "export logs and configuration" button. This automatically creates a .zip file with all relevant logs and configuration, stripped from passwords.



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