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How to select different Movie Editions in .mkv files with Haali codec installed, such as different endings of a movie.


Some .mkv files have Ordered Chapters to make a virtual line time for the Introduction, end of a movie etc.

You may also have a movie with two different endings for example.

Now you can select the Edition of the movie you wish to view from within MediaPortal.

Note: You must have the Haali codec installed - see Codecs > MKV container.

Selecting Editions

You may select an edition in MediaPortal while playing a video. 

Context Menu

Press the F9 key, or Info/More remote button for the context menu. If you have Haali installed, an option for Editions will automatically display.


Select the Editions option, and you can display a menu showing all the Editions available for playback.


Now enjoy watching all the different editions of your movie!

Shortcut key/button

As of v 1.3.0 you can also use the 'E' key on your keyboard to switch Editions, or map the Next Edition action to a remote button. See Mapping Buttons for details.



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