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If you have more than one user of My Films, and use an AMC catalog type, you can keep track of who has watched and rated which films independently even if they all use the same database and configuration settings.

Multi-user features

Multi-user features are only available for AMC4 catalog types because My Films needs to update the XML catalog/database.

For each user, My Films keeps track of:

  • watched status, count and date seen
  • user ratings
  • Favorites (based on the user rating)

MyFilms uses a new 'Multi-User States' extended field in your AMC4 database. My Films will also keep a 'global' count of all “watched events” for a catalog from all configs that use it. This is normally the sum of the watched counts for all users..

Multi-User Setup

Normally you do not need to change settings in Setup.The Setup Wizard will preset the field for Watched Status handling to the Checked field. You may change the field use for Watched Status in MyFilms Setup > Update Tab > Watched Status Handling and set the Default user under Multi-User States > Active User Profile Name.

If you sync your config to Trakt, your Trakt user name will be automatically available as a User when you 'Choose user' from the Global Settings menu item. (see Trakt Setup for more info). You do not need to add it as a user.

You may choose, add or delete users (see below) within MyFilms, so each user can see which films they have watched without needing to create a separate configuration.

Or you may choose to use a different configuration with different settings for My Films for each user, and select a unique user name as the Active User Profile Name. See Mulitple DBs or Configs Setup Guide for more info on creating separate configs.

Note: If you do not have multiple users, MyFilms automatically creates a 'Default' User for you and will sync to your Trakt user account if Trakt is enabled automatically.

Multi-User display fields

In My Films can display:

  • user name (and if the user is synced to Trakt or not)
  • user rating (added either by user rating dialog in Details screen, or Trakt pop-up rating dialog)
  • number of times that user has watched the film
  • total times the film has been watched by all users who use the database/catalog
  • date last seen (watched)

Note: The global count will not change if you manually set a film watched or unwatched.  It displays the number of times the film has been actually watched.

Of course the display depends on the skin you choose. In the Default skin:

  • user name displays at the top after the config name:

In the Main window:

  • user rating (of the current user) displays below the main rating
  • watched count (for the current user)  / global watched count by all users (after the slash), displays below the watched icon

In the Details window:

  • user rating (of the current user) displays below the main rating
  • watched count (for the current user)  / global watched count by all users (after the slash), displays below the watched ico
  • date watched (last seen) by the current user

Choose or Add User

To add a new user, go to the Options menu on the main My Films window and select Global Settings:

For AMC4 catalog types you will see a new option to 'Choose user" with the user name you selected in Setup. (or Default if you did not define one in setup or use sync to Trakt)

Select this option to display a menu of all users with an option to add a new user:

Note: My Films will automatically display any user whose watch status will be synchronized with the Trakt plugin if enabled.

As of v 6.0.0, If no user was selected in v 5.1, My Films will automatically create a 'Default' user and migrate your watched data to the new Multi-User States extended field. 

Of course, when you create a new user, all films will be 'unwatched' for that user and no user ratings or date watched data will exist yet. 

Delete User

If you wish to delete a user, including all the related data for that user, select Delete User from the Global Settings menu to display a list of current users:

Select the user you wish to delete.

Note: You can NOT delete the currently selected user. That user name will not display on the list of users to delete. You must first switch to another user.




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