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Table of Contents


How to report bugs or request new features for My Films.


How to report bugs for My Films:

  1. Check the My Films Wiki first
     Before reporting issues, make sure you have read the Wiki, and checked MyFilms FAQ, to ensure you are using the feature correctly. Any questions or issues reported in the forum that are answered in the Wiki take time away from fixing bugs or adding new features so please check the Wiki first.
  2. Report issues you think are bugs in the My Films forum:
    1. Before reporting, always confirm the bug using the Default skin files provided with My Films 
    2. Describe your 'use case' i.e. the way you use My Films, such as:
      1. which catalog type you use
      2. how you store your movies - on a network with centralized data for example
      3. if the issue relates to a grabber script - which grabber and options you use
      4. if the issue relates to global updates using AMCUpdater - which method or mode you use
    3. Provide the exact steps you used to reproduce the issue, then
    4. Provide config files (located in


      data folder):

      1. MyFilms.xml
      2. MyFilmsAMCSettings_[xxxx].xml (where [xxxx] is your config name.)
    5. Change log verbosity to Debug (MediaPortal Config > General), reproduce the error, then:
       Reproduce the issue and provide log files (located in


      folder :

      1. MyFilms.log (always!)
      2. AMCupdater.log (if  importing new films)
      3. Error.log (if it exists)
    6. In some cases your AMC XML catalog file (or export file if you are using an External Catalog) may be required, or at least the parts from it causing issues.
  3. Get confirmation
    You must provide enough information for another user and/or My Films team member to confirm the bug, otherwise your issue will not be addressed or resolved.
  4. Add the bug/issue to the My Films Issue Tracker
    Once the bug is confirmed, you must add it to the Issue Tracker. Only bugs reported there will be dealt with.  The more accurate detail you provide, the more likely a fix can be done quickly. If you have already provided detailed info in the forum, you can link to the related forum post.

Testing Bug Fixes

If you report a bug you must test and verify the fix. Usually the fix will be posted in the forum or attached to the Issue you posted in the issue tracker.

  1. Before testing any fix make a backup of your AMC database and My Films environment (such as all My Films files (MyFilms*.* ) in the MediaPortal program data folder. Or any files you must update to apply the 'fix'.
  2. If the fix works, be sure to post and verify it either in the forum or the Issue in the Issue Tracker

Feature Requests

Feature requests should first be entered in the My Films forum for all users to view, since their support will be needed to ensure your request is granted.  If many users are interested in the feature you propose,  you may add your feature request to the the My Films Issue Tracker.

Feature requests for My Films will be evaluated based on several factors:

  1. The  number of users who will benefit from the feature
  2. The number of users who star the feature entered in the Issue Tracker
  3. How well the feature is described - i.e. specs and sample screenshots of how it should work.
  4. The ease of implementing the feature
  5. The number of users willing to test and document the new feature

Note: Anyone who contributes to My Films, either by testing, providing language file updates, skin file updates, graphics, grabber scripts, documentation or other assistance, will be given special consideration for feature requests.




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