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When setting GUI properties in fullscreen, if not all is ready on MP side, plugin dev need to add some kind of workaround to delay to be able to get the correct information.

By adding a event, plugin can subscribe to it and then know when it's needed to update GUI information.

This is useful when something delay the start of video (like madVR for ex).

Based on my own testing, TVSeries / Moving Pictures / Online Videos need this.

Description of Change

Added this new event :

Subscribe to the new event :

MediaPortal.GUI.Video.GUIVideoOverlay.SetGuiPropertiesUpdate += new MediaPortal.GUI.Video.GUIVideoOverlay.SetGuiProperties(SetGuiPropertiesUpdate);

It will return the mediatype and the filename of the played item from :

public delegate void SetGuiProperties(g_Player.MediaType type, string filename);

Additional Information and References

Issue #:MP1-4819
Issue Component:
Type of Change:Feature and bug fix
Related Wiki page(s):
Date added:Tue, 11 Oct 2016
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