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How to optimize the performance of your skin in MediaPortal

Optimize your skin

Understanding how the MediaPortal skin engine works can help improve the performance of your skin, even on less powerful PCs or GPUs.

Remove unused png files

To ensure that MediaPortal only has to load (add to packedgfx file) the png's which are required, you should ensure that no unused files are inside the Media folder.

Optimize png files

To keep the GPU memory load as small as possible, you should ensure that your png files are only as large as required (resolution). This means that it does not contain empty spaces.

This would only cause that more packedgfx files get created, and thus require more GPU memory.

The resolution of your png files should always be a power of 2.

Tools such as PNGGauntlet can help by compressing your media files (and reduce your skin installer file size!)


MediaPortal 1 handles fonts as textures. So the more fonts (different sizes) you use in your skin, the higher the GPU memory load will be.

You may use Font Aliases to reduce the number of fonts cached as textures - see Fonts




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