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How to save power by putting your HTPC(s) to sleep when they are not needed, and wake them to perform scheduled tasks such as grab EPG data or record scheduled TV recordings. 

Power Scheduler

Most users don't want their HTPC(s) on all the time because this wastes electricity and shortens the life of the system components. 

MediaPortal includes a Power Scheduler plugin which you can configure to function as you wish to automatically put your system to sleep and wake it to perform scheduled tasks such as grab EPG data or record scheduled TV recordings.  

You can also manually wake the HTPC(s) if necessary by using the button on the keyboard or remote or by sending a magic packet via a Wake On Lan utility.


If you have a local TV-Server installed on your system (single-seat), you must configure the PowerScheduler plugin on both the Server and Client setup, even if you are using a single-seat configuration.  However, the main configuration is done in the Server plugin and the Client plugin uses most of those settings, so it requires little configuration. 

If you have no TV-Server installed on your system (standalone client) you have to configure all settings in the client configuration.




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