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On the web sometimes requires a little extra help - here we'll outline the conventions and some potential pitfalls to help get the message out there..

What, Where, When, How and Who?

Promoting MediaPortal across the Internet and beyond is a simple case of telling everyone you know about it, everywhere you can.

There are some simple requests we would ask you to abide by though - mainly in the areas of licensing and acknowledging the creators works, but generally you are free to let the world know about us.

There's a wealth of information over in the Press Room (, so pop over there and have a look.


There are several artworks in our Press Room ( all available for using in your promotional activities, but again, please take note of the requirements of the licensing.

As an idea they can be used for:

  • MediaPortal Skins, tools, applications, plugins.
  • Links to MediaPortal homepage.
  • Trade shows.
  • Advertising and articles in online and print magazines about MediaPortal.

Individual images should have the information of which licensing scheme they are used under, but if not, please drop a mail to our team at


There's a few points to raise here, as some of the creative works we use are created under several licensing schemes (namely the Creative Commons and GPL licensing) which we need you to adhere to.

They are in place not to stop any use of our logos and artworks, but to stop abuse of them. They in no way stop the use of the artworks, just what exactly you can do with them.

Creative Commons

All the details of this can be read over at the website ( they simply describe the usage of some of the images we use.


This is the General Public License and is similar to the above Creative Commons licesnse. Please have a read over at the GPL homepage (

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great way to show off your setup and some ofthe great things that MediaPortal can offer - after all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe a video is worth a million.

You need to be aware though that for a while now YouTube has restricted the content of videos posted in an attempt to stop copyright infringement. With this in mind, posting videos to YouTube with certain background music can result in ads being added, the sound disabled, or completely blocking your video in some countries.

Obviously we don't want this to happen to any MediaPortal videos! 


So how do you avoid these issues?

What you need is music that is allowed to be used for non-profit productions.

You can find composers who create music as a hobby and release the tracks for free, or you can use one of the larger sites which store a lot of 'free' music.

Sometimes composers just ask for some credit for their work, usually in the YouTube description.


Where are these free sources of music?  There are lots available on the web but as a start we'd recommend:, where you can get music for under 1€ when choosing the non-profit license!

Other Resources

Some other great sources for free music are:

Music from free composers that only ask to have their name in the YouTube description:

Related Information 

Don't forget that Google is your friend! You could always Google 'royalty free music' and you'll get many more sites -




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