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Author: Marvman
Date Created:  05.01.2011

On the web there are plenty videos packed/stored with the rar file compressor (7-Zip, winrar etc.) Those kind of "video files" can also be played directly with MediaPortal.

To play the rar files seamless in MediaPortal, it needs a so called DirectShow filter. RARFileSource is such a filter and have to be used for our purpose.


  • The video file within the rar file MUST be stored NOT compressed (most videos are just stored)
  • Not all video formats are supported by the filter (example: iso/img)



To install this DirectShow filter you have to do these simple steps.

  1. unpack the filter
  2. register the
    1. open the command shell (cmd.exe) with admin rights
    2. type regsvr32 [PATH]\ ([PATH] is the path of the folder where the is stored)
    3. Now a dialog should come up, that the register was successful
  3. add the *.rar extension in MediaPortal Configuration (video->video extensions ->insert "rar"->add



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