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 ShortCut'er plugin lets you create keyboard shortcuts to any MP screen, like TV, Videos, Music, etc..

 For each shortcut you can define a keystroke combination such as:


<CTRL> + <ALT> + <SHIFT> + <KEY>


This can be useful to manage some remotes (such as imon) where for each key can be associated keystroke combinations.



Is suggested to associate at least one modifier (CTRL or ALT or SHIFT) to the shortcut, so as to avoid use of keys mapped from MediaPortal, furthermore, for greater clarity, the associated key should not be a modifier, are also to avoid system key combinations or used by other applications, then, here are some examples of combinations allowed an not allowed:



*Not allowed*

*Not allowed (system key combination)*













<G>   (not suggested)



The configuration page is this:


With the buttons   and   you can add or remove shortcuts, while with  and  you can move the shortcut in the list.

With the button  you can clone the shortcut (useful for create cyclic shotcuts).

Creating different shortcuts, they have in common the key combination, you get a group, or a cyclic shortcut, each time you cycle through the various windows.

Here are three examples:

in the first, for example, to press <ALT>+<SHIFT>+<F2>, cyclically go to TV window, fullscreen TV and finally the TV guide.


The Caption field only serves to give a meaningful name for the shortcut, but it is not important.


To assign a keyboard shortcut to, just move to the Key field and double click, it opens a small window that displays the current keycode and listens for keypresses:


Setting the checks Ctrl-Alt-Shift, you select which modifiers include in the combination of keys (at least one modifier must be selected).



In the Window ID field you can write directly the identify code of the MediaPortal window for the shortcut's link, when you move to this box, in the Links/Files List will be selected the corresponding (if there exist) links or skin files.

To facilitate the task, you simply select the link from a treeview (which contains the windows usually most used), with a double click, the data Window ID and any Load Param will be set in the appropriate box of the shortcut.

The list contains the links or files available on the active MediaPortal skin (Configuration -> GUI -> Skin selection) - are ignored any files added in the current theme.



In Load Param you can write GuiProperties name: the name will be replaced by the value of the property, the syntax is:

(#property name)

example (search IMDb trailers for the item selected in MovingPictures plugin, through OnlineVideos):

IMDb Movie Trailers|search:(#MovingPictures.SelectedMovie.imdb_id)|return:Locked


With the flag Return, you can set if the view associated with the shortcut is already activated, then go to previous view instead.
This setting is ignored in the case of cyclic shortcut.


Finally, you can associate a Sound Effect to the shortcut (also here can be selected those present in the skin).


You can also force Caps-Lock (recommended off) or Num-Lock on startup of MediaPortal:



From V2.1.0, the plugin implemented Skin Navigator feauture.


Development Status

The plugin is stable.


MediaPortal V1.2.0 or above.


Download the installation file from repository and double click on it or use MediaPortal Extension Installer.
Will be made an automatic backup of the old configuration (ShortCuter.xml*.old*) before upgrading.


- nicsergio -
Thanks to MoPath, chemelli and and-81 for the development of first version of this plugin.
Thanks also to the developers of the Keyboard Input plugin and StreamedMp Skin Editor for the many ideas that I have took from their work.

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